Josephine Rosetta Lyon Fisher  
Josephine Rosetta Lyon (Smith) Fisher

Historical evidence supports that the only well-documented offspring from the Prophet Joseph Smith's plural marriages is Joephine Rosetta Lyon (Smith) Fisher.  Her mother was Sylvia Sessions Lyon, the wife of the Navoo pharmacist, Windsor P. Lyon. Her grandmother was Patty Sessions, the famous pioneer midwife who delivered over 3300 babies.

She married John Fisher, an early Pony Express rider and the second mayor of Bountiful, UT.  They parented seven children. Our lineage to Josephine: 
   Josephine > Erastus Fisher > Harold Fisher > Donna Fisher Layton > Clark Layton

Josephine, her mother Sylvia, and her grandmother Patty, are burried in graves right next to each other in the Bountiful City Cemetary. Josephine's granddaughter, Norma Alder, lives at the location of the John Fisher farm on Larsen Lane in Bountiful.  She is nearly 100 years old and recalls the days of her youth when her grandmother lived in the family home.


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